Less Than 40 By The 4th Is Breaking Out All Over

From Holden:

I just have to promote ltsply2’s comment from another thread to the main blog page:

Take a look at the SurveyUSA results at: http://surveyusa.com/Bush50StateApproval0605.htm

Holden wins in 11 states including: ME, MA, DE, NV, NJ, MI, CA, CT, IL, NY, RI, and VT

Nationwide approval at 43%.

Wow. The good people of 14 states rate Chimpy’s job performance at less than 40%, including these red states:

Iowa: 39%

Nevada: 39%

Ohio: 38%

Come on, America, let’s make it less than 40 by the 4th. Howard Dean needs Athenae’s money.