Not Seen on the Truth Tour

From Holden:

My guess is that when Right Wing Radio completes the Truth Tour we won’t hear word one about this

Nine Iraqi bricklayers detained by security forces on suspicion of involvement with armed fighters have suffocated to death while held for more than 14 hours in a police van.

Three other suspects, who survived the ordeal of being locked up in a van in the sun, were taken to hospital on Monday morning where they were to be interviewed by officials who are investigating the case, an Interior Ministry official said.

Or this.

Army medical officials are investigating why an unusually high percentage of 1st Infantry Division troops have tested positive for exposure to the lung disease tuberculosis after returning this spring from Iraq.

Dr. (Maj.) James Mancuso, chief of epidemiology for the Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine-Europe, said 4 percent to 5 percent of deployed 1st ID troops reacted positively in the tuberculin skin test all of them received when they came home. During previous deployments to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, he said, about 1 percent or 2 percent typically have been exposed.