More Happy Democrats

Via Americablog, this story is just chock full of things that make a blue-state girl smile:

White House strategist Karl Rove helped Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele raise $75,000 Tuesday night at a Capitol Hill event picketed by demonstrators angry over Rove’s possible role in releasing a covert CIA officer’s identity to the press.

About 65 people showed up at the event at the headquarters of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The fundraiser was closed to the media.


Steele and Rove both entered through a side entrance, bypassing about 40 protesters from the liberal group Progressive Maryland, who stood chanting in the oppressive heat.

Tom Hucker, executive director of Progressive Maryland, said Steele should not be linking himself with Rove because of Rove’s possible legal and ethical problems.

“No one who would choose Karl Rove as a friend is fit to serve in the U.S. Senate,” Hucker said.


In a statement, Democratic National Committee spokesman Josh Earnest attacked Rove for continuing to raise money while under an ethical and legal cloud.

“The Rove money machine doesn’t seem to stop for anything, not for special prosecutors or possible threats to the nation’s national security,” he said.

Progressive Maryland, the Dem spokesman, the Dem candidate … Nicely done by all.