Today on The Gaggle: Athenae Is Obsessed With Hockey

My beloved college hockey team’s fans have a cheer. Goes something like this:

Gimme a V.

Gimme an I.

Gimme an A.

Gimme a G.

Gimme an R.

Gimme an A.

What does it spell?


Keep it up! Keep it up! Keep it up!

From the mouths of the Crease Creatures to the pencils of the press corps, because they’re not letting up on Karl Rove’s security clearance:

Q Has Karl Rove offered to resign, in view of his problems?

MR. McCLELLAN: Again, you keep asking these questions that are related to an ongoing investigation —

Q Does he still have his security clearance?

MR. McCLELLAN: — and those are questions that have already been addressed.

Q No, they — I’ve never heard this before. Have you?

MR. McCLELLAN: The question has been asked before.

Q We haven’t heard an answer.

Q What was your answer?

Q There hasn’t been an answer.

Oooh, and you know what else we have? We have a Social Security question! Remember Social Security reform? That thing that President Bush was going to get right on until he realized that most of America doesn’t trust him with the keys to that particular car?

Q On Social Security, if the President doesn’t get any action from the House and Senate this year, doesn’t get reform, will he consider rolling Social Security reform into his tax reform package?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, we believe it’s important to move forward on Social Security reform this year. And that’s something the President talked about with members of the House earlier today. There is a commitment from the leaders of the committees in the two chambers to continue moving forward on strengthening Social Security. It’s important that we act this year for the reasons that we’ve stated previously because it only gets worse over time, and the longer we wait, the most costly it becomes, an additional $600 billion a year if we wait to act. That’s why it’s important to act now. We know it’s on an unsustainable course. And the President is going to continue working with members to get something done this year, and he’s confident that we can continue to work together and move forward on this important priority for the American people.

Nothing is going to change for today’s seniors, but this is about helping our children and grandchildren realize a brighter future by having a secure retirement when they get ready to retire.

Whoever puts the stupid in this guy’s cornflakes, let up a little, okay? He has to at least be able to button his shirt in the morning.

Next up, it’s the Jeff Gannon Memorial Award for Sucking Up:

Q Many pundits and news organizations are focusing attention on John Roberts’ links to the Federalist Society. Do you remember any such focus or concerns expressed about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s overt activism on behalf of one of the most controversial groups in America, the ACLU? And do you see a double standard here in the media? And I have a follow-up.