Big Time

From Holden:

Usually, when I link to Dan Froomkin’s column in the WaPo online I do so to give him credit for an article he brought to my attention. But today his comments on Dick Cheney’s remarks to the Purple Heart vets are more valuable to me than any of the many stories he mentioned.

It was not, in a nutshell, a detailed, reasoned response to the increasingly forceful call for troop withdrawal.

Cheney, for instance, didn’t discuss the administration’s current military strategy, or the lessons learned since the invasion. He didn’t describe in any detail either the current tactical situation or the mission objective. He certainly didn’t discuss the merits and drawbacks of alternative approaches, or acknowledge the desire of many Americans to start bringing the troops home now.

What he did — very much in keeping with previous White House strategy — was try to marginalize any opposition to the war as being deeply unpatriotic.

Because that’s much easier than arguing for the war on its merits.