Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Well, we’re still stuck with second-stringer Trent Duffy in today’s gaggle but Duffy did mention that Little Scotte returns next week.

Now, what about that Misguided Mother, Cindy Sheehan?

Q Does the President feel that over the last couple of days he’s made an effective and convincing case that Cindy Sheehan is misguided in her feelings about the war and what should happen to the troops?

MR. DUFFY: [Homage to 9/11 snipped to reduce nausea.] The President reiterated that on Tuesday. He empathizes with Ms. Sheehan and those who have lost loved ones. He said Tuesday, again, that they do not represent the view of all mothers and fathers and husbands and wives and children. But we certainly empathize with Ms. Sheehan and those who oppose the war. The President feels fundamentally differently. He’ll continue to talk about why it’s necessary to win this war. And I might point that the American Legion, at their national convention on Tuesday, overwhelmingly passed a resolution in support of the President’s approach to the war on terror.

That’s right folks, the American Legion endorses the president’s approach to the War on Terra, which includes “an end to all public protests and media events against the war”, and a vow to “use whatever means necessary to ensure the united backing of the American people to support our troops and the global war on terrorism.”

I doubt anyone is stunned by that revelation, but Duffy did drop a bomb later in the gaggle.

Q Back on Iraq, Trent, is there any sense in the administration that there — that parliament’s recess could actually give a little bit of breathing room to the negotiators and help the process somewhat? Is there — is there an upside, in the administration’s view?

MR. DUFFY: Well, I think I’m just going to leave it where I did, Jennifer. It’s not the U.S. position to be the play-by-play announcer. We support what they’re doing. They are working together in — in a non-violent fashion to achieve a very important objective here, which is to write a constitution that can be durable; that represents the views of the majority; that respects the minority rights; that has women’s rights; and has everything that, you know, that the international community wants, and that Iraqis want. Again, this is an Iraqi process.

That’s right, folks. Forget what you might read at any website that actually monitors what is happening in Iraq like Lunaville. Please ignore these headlines, and for Christ’s sake don’t click on the following links.

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AP: Mortar attacks kill two Iraqis, injure eight others in Mosul

WPost: Eight Iraqis Killed Around Baqubah

Times: 25 dead as militias clash in gun battles (update)

Reuters: Iraq police say find 36 bodies of shooting victims