Frist is the New Gay Marriage

From Holden:

The fundies are out to get Sen. Bill Frist in Iowa.

An evangelical group has begun a weeklong advertising campaign in Iowa criticizing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist for backing expanded embryonic stem cell research.

“We know Iowa is a way to get everybody’s attention,” said Gary Cass, head of the Florida-based Center for Reclaiming America. “Our hope is Senator Frist will hear from Iowans and they are kind of a bellwether state in the heartland.”


In the ad, which shows a photo of a smiling baby, an announcer says: “Senator Frist: we cannot save innocent lives by destroying them. Tell Senator Frist to stand with President Bush and oppose research that destroys human embryos.”

Cass said the ads began airing Thursday on television stations in the Des Moines area and local radio stations around the state. The group is spending about $50,000 but could expand the campaign if more money is raised. It also sent e-mails to a national listing of 500,000 social conservatives.

Props to Vicki commenting at Eschaton.