Janis Karpinski

From Holden:

Please read Marjorie Cohn’s exclusive interview with Army Reserve Brigadier General Janis Karpinski (Ret.). This excerpt is tasty, but it does not do the entire piece justice.

MC: You wrote in an e-mail: “The techniques are a clear departure from what soldiers are taught and understand, the techniques that were directed by the highest level of this Administration.” By that, you mean all the way up to the Oval Office?

JK: I mean all the way up to Cheney. I don’t know the workings of how it gets up there. But I would think that, very similar to any other big corporation or the military, that if you have a deputy – or a Vice President, in this case – and he is making decisions or approvals, then maybe by default you will say, “If I didn’t know, I should have known,” or “I did know.” Because he’s your Vice President. Or he is the Vice President. Or he is the Secretary of Defense. I don’t know what they are telling the President. And I don’t care. He’s the President, and he’s supposed to know what’s going on in this Administration, and honestly, sometimes it doesn’t seem like he does.