Buzzflash Petition: Call Up the Bush Brigade!

From Holden:

The good folks at Buzzflash have formulated a petition urging that the Bush Brigade be pressed into service:

“I demand that George W. Bush’s daughters, and his eligible nieces and nephews, serve in Iraq to prove their support of Bush’s ‘noble war for a noble cause.’ If the Bush family does not believe in ‘sacrificing’ for the war and is not willing to put their lives on the line, then Bush must bring the troops of middle class and poor Americans home now.”

Sign the petition here.

And, if you need a reminder, here is my photo lineup of the Bush Brigade:

NotJenna Bush, hit the campaign trail supporting her father and his war.

Jenna Bush, ditto NotJenna.

Pierce Bush, promoted his uncle and his war on CNN.

Lauren Bush, has not given her opinion of the war; refused to wear“Arab” fashins in public.

Ashley Bush (left), has not given her opinion of the war in public.

George Pee Bush, campaigned vigorously for his uncle and his war in the Southwestern US.

John Ellis “Jebbie” Bush, Jr., has not given his opinion of the war in public.

Noelle Bush, has not expressed her opinion publicly about this war.

Marshall Bush (center), also joined the Bush/Cheney campaign last year promoting Chimpy’s Vanity War.