Dan Froomkin’s Greatest Hits

From Holden:

Two juicy tid-bits from today’s Froomkin column:

“Hundreds of protesters lined his motorcade routes in Arizona and California, holding up signs such as ‘Bush the Lying Turd’ and ‘Chicken George,’ a reference to his refusal to meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who set up camp near his Texas ranch demanding an audience.

And later…

Several readers e-mailed me to express their surprise about an item in yesterday’s column .

I noted that Julie Mason had written in the Houston Chronicle that at “Bush, who gave up drinking years ago, drank a non-alcoholic Buckler,” at his off-the-record dinner with the press corps.

Apparently, many if not most recovering alcoholics avoid non-alcoholic beers because they do contain some alcohol, and may in some cases trigger a relapse of drinking.