September 11, Four Years Later

From Tena:

It may not have been a very good move by the White House to try to tie September 11 to the devastation of New Orleans. Because when I look around and see how far we have fallen in every way from September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2005, it about takes my breath away. Maybe other people will begin to think about these last 4 years, too, in a little more depth.

We all know where we started from. It should be becoming clear by now where we have ended up; not only have the illusions about what America finds immoral been stripped away with the clothes of the prisoners in Abu Ghraib, illusions about what America is still capable of accomplishing in any practical sense have been battered beyond recognition, too.

The hell of it is that I know Americans are capable of doing so much better than this. And maybe, looking at the most recent polls, more and more Americans are finally realizing it. But at such a cost – it’s fucking unacceptable. It’s too high. It should never have come to this many dead people here and in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are going to be debts to pay for a damn long time. We’re all going to have to chip-in on paying them, too. We better get started.

Consider this the beginning of an open letter to Democratic and Republican members of Congress who still care about this country. There is absolutely no reason any longer to keep George W. Bush and his cabinet in the White House. The people want them fired. Do your job.