Dissent at the Freedom Walk

From Holden:

Subtle, but it was there.

[Mimi Evans from Hyannis, Mass., mother of a Marine serving in Iraq] said she supported him by walking for freedom while wearing a white T-shirt that said in red and blue letters: “No more lies, no more lives.”

A good Marine must follow orders and assume the war policy is correct, she said, while a responsible civilian can question the policy. She wanted to interrupt the checker pieces, break some of the links that were being made on the Freedom Walk. “I’m sorry, there’s absolutely no connection between my freedom to be an American and what our troops are doing in Iraq,” she said. “There’s no connection between what our military is doing and 9/11.”

Evans, 56, a fundraiser for an international animal welfare group, was one of a relative few skeptics of the war who walked yesterday. One young man had written on his shirt: “I support our troops who shoot their officers.”