Holden’s going to have to buy some more pony chow

From Tena:

Jerome offers Holden another pony:

Haha, you’d think they’d start rolling heads at somepoint here in the clueless administration. New SUSA tracking poll info:

3 polling days after George W. Bush’s prime-time speech to the nation from Jackson Square in New Orleans, a “can’t win” dynamic is unfolding for the President, according to exclusive SurveyUSA data gathered Friday 9/16, Saturday 9/17 and Sunday 9/18. The number of Americans who now approve of the President’s response to Hurricane Katrina is down: 40% today compared to 42% before he announced the Gulf Opportunity Zone. The number of Americans who disapprove of the President’s response to Katrina is up: 56% today compared to 52% before the speech. Bush went from “Minus 10” on his Response to Katrina before the speech to “Minus 16” today.

More Americans than I realized now get the message about Commander CooCoo Bananas: “Mars, bitches!” In other words, he talks a lot, but it’s meaningless; he doesn’t do another damn thing.

It’s gratifying that a majority now see through all the bullshit. I can’t help but think that that is at least partly due to the cascade of honest reporting we had from our media during the first weeks of September. Now that things have settled down in the aftermath of Katrina, the media is going back to it’s standard operating procedure of being shills for the Junta. [see Atrios for an expose on how this works.]

It’s going to be a long 3 years.