We took care of the poor, now it’s back to the sick and elderly

From Tena:
from Corrente, this update on the changes in Medicare that are due to take affect in January:

Here it comes: the old one-two punch:

“The Bush administration announced on Friday that the basic Medicare premium would shoot up next year 13 percent, to $88.50 a month, mainly because of the increased use of doctors’ services.

Many beneficiaries will pay an additional premium for the new prescription drug benefit, expected to average $32 a month. So the combined premiums for doctors’ services, outpatient hospital care and prescription drugs will average slightly more than $120 a month.” People on Medicare get to look forward to a 13% rise in their rates added onto the cost of prescription drug benefits scheduled to kick in next January, and there’s more, as we will see.

The forced march to managed care starts with the choosing of one’s own method of execution this month. Big Pharma has been licking their chops in anticipation ever since Dear Leader rounded up the weakest and most vulnerable and gave B.P. a loaded gun to aim at their heads.


Add the increased cost of prescriptions to the projected increase in heating costs this winter, and it’s going to equal some seniors having to choose between freezing to death or dying from lack of medical care in the form of prescription drugs. It’s going to be a long, cold winter kids.