Happy Harry Photo

See, senator, if you look over here, you can see the full extent of the ass-kicking you’re about to lay down.

Damn right it’s better than yours. Look, there’s no point to being in opposition to the current government if you don’t, actually, you know, oppose.

No more chickenass Democrats. No more dithering around, forever in the shadow of an unpopular preznit and his about-to-be-indicted adviser. No more waiting until two months before the election to develop a position on something and declare that position loudly and proudly. Stand for something now.

Vote no on Roberts. And damn the torpedoes. We’ve got to cut this crap out. Partisan Republicans, Bushistas, people who think this president is a true conservative, people who listen to Rush, those people are never gonna vote for you anyway. So who gives a fuck what they say? Oooh, Mommy, the wingnuts said I was obstructionist. Oooh, hold me, I’m so scared. What a bunch of crap. There’s 36 percent of this country that thinks Bush shoots lightning from his ass and there’s really nothing you can say to those people that will make them happy. So why be afraid to piss them off? They love being pissed off. It’s what they live for. They live to have something from the DemonRatz to froth about, so why not give it to them? Who cares?

The other 64 percent of the country, however, and in this I’m including the 36 percent of people who already think any and all Democrats walk on water, would like to see this party grow a pair and do something they can point to and say yeah, that’s who I’m with. That’s what they stand for. That’s what they’re about. And if we’re about protecting the right to privacy, the right to make medical decisions on our own, the right to know something about a potential Supreme Court justice beyond that his kids seem really cute and his wife has nice hair, well, we damn well ought to act like it. That means we stop pretending that a potential member of the land’s highest legal authority is so fragile that his psyche would be destroyed by a few more days of being asked politely to stand and fucking deliver. That means a demand for the release of ALL materials requested by the Senate, that means a demand for answers to their goddamn questions. And, since neither of those things is going to happen, that means a no vote on Roberts.

Because someday, somebody’s gonna ask you where you stood at this moment. And you’re going to have to tell them. And if you can’t answer honestly, if you have to dither around and give some politically expedient bullshit reply to people who’ve already had five years and counting of nothing but politically expedient, fear-driven crapola from the party they’re looking to for leadership, well, don’t be surprised if you lose yet another election.

Life’s too short for this crap. Start acting like grownups, and grownups will start voting for you.

Take a page out of Harry’s book. Declare yourselves, and don’t back down.