S.E. Fisher, Whoever He or She Is, Nails It

From a letter to the Chicago Tribune, probably the most concise summation of the Bush presidency ever:

Since Bush is the most powerful man in the world, that’s very scary. The strength of our feelings about the president would be mitigated if we felt he had done even one thing correctly since he was first elected, but he has failed in every arena:

– He created No Child Left Behind and then failed to support it.

– He has trashed laws protecting the environment, jeopardizing our and our children’s health.

– His prescription drug program for the elderly will not help them much but will enrich drug companies.

– He gives campaign contributors plum jobs they are unqualified for.

– He continues to reward rich people at poor people’s expense via his tax cuts.

– In cutting taxes, he has eviscerated key governmental programs.

– He has pushed our idebtedness to all-time highs.

– He declared war on a country that constituted no threat to us for completely bogus reasons.

– He continues to act as if global warming isn’t a reality in the face of overwhelming evidence.

– He restricted our freedoms to improve our national security but has not accomplished this.

– He continues to undermine the traditional separation of church and state.

As far as Katrina is concerned, it goes without saying that we don’t hold Bush responsible for the hurricane itself. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous. We merely point out that, if Bush had approved sufficient funding so the levees could be reconstructed instead of granting tax cuts to the wealthy; if he had hired competent people to oversee the Federal Emergency Management Agency; and if he hadn’t sent so many national guardsman overseas, the catastrophe would not have been nearly as bad as it was.

This whole “irrational Bush hatred” argument is just another way to try to force a win out of the argument. I don’t hate Bush as a human being. I don’t even know Bush as a human being. I don’t care all that much about the back and forth over Bush’s personality; it matters not in the slightest to me if the guy’s really sweet to his pet cat or if he loves his children.

He sucks at his job. If you sucked as much at your job as Bush does at his, you’d be fired, and no amount of “but I’m a really good cook! I take care of the elderly! I have a family to support!” would save you with your bosses.