Why We Should Oppose Harriet Miers

From Holden:

Some have counseled the left-hand side of the political world to give Harriet Miers a pass, reasoning that she is not as bad as many other judicial candidates Chimpy could have named. But how do they know how she compares to the frothy right?

What we do know about Miers is enough to oppose her. She’s a Bush crony who can be relied upon to side with the administration. With important cases pending regarding parental notification for abortion, “enemy combatants”, “extraordinary rendition”, and a myriad of other Bushite illegalities that may come before the court during her term can we count on Miers to recuse herself in each and every instance? Will she take the Scalia route and refuse to recuse herself in the face of an obvious conflict of interest? If she did scrupulously recuse herself, would that be a good thing? Do we want eight justices deciding these issues?

Should the left accept an unqualified, D-level lawyer with a resume that includes an ethically challenged stint as Texas Lottery Commission, a woman who was hired to scrub Bush’s National Guard records, helped Bush avoid jury duty that would have revealed is drunken driving conviction, was president of a lawfirm with strong ties to Tom DeLay’s TRMPAC and on more than one occaision helped its clients defraud investers of millions of dollars?

Miers should be rejected outright, she is unfit to serve on the highest court in the land.