Strange Bedfellows

From Holden:

Dick DeGuerin, Tom DeLay’s hired gun, is making lots of noise about Judge Bob Perkins political donations. That lead me to query the database to see where DeGuerin has been putting his money.

It turns out that since 1992 DeGuerin had contributed $2,500 to the Democratic National Committee, $1,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and a total of $11,800 to six Democratic candidates including a $1,000 donation to Nick Lampson in 1996 who just happens to be running against Tom DeLay in 2006.

In fact, DeGuerin has contributed to the campaigns of just two Republicans, $1,000 to Congressman Ted Poe and $9,800 to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (chump change in comparison with the legal fee he must have recieved from her when he defended Hutchinson from Ronnie Earle).

Here is the year-by-year breakdown:

1990 Election Cycle

$1,800 Craig Washington (D)

$500 Democratic National Committee

1992 Election Cycle

$1,000 Craig Washington (D)

1994 Election Cycle

$1,000 Craig Washington (D)

$1,000 Ken Bentsen (D)

$500 Democratic National Committee

$2,000 Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R)

1996 Election Cycle

$1,000 Nick Lampson (D)

$1,000 Ken Bentsen (D)

$500 Democratic National Committee

$1,000 John Odam (D)

$3,000 Kay Bailey Hutchinson ($1,000 returned)

1998 Election Cycle

$1,000 Democratic National Committee

$2,000 Ken Bentsen (D)

$2,000 Kay Bailey Hutchinson (later returned)

2002 Election Cycle

$1,000 Ron Kirk (D)

$1,000 Frank Briscoe, Jr. (D)

$1,000 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

2004 Election Cycle

$1,000 Ted Poe (R)

$5,000 Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R)

2006 Election Cycle

$800 Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R)