When the Fitz hits the fan we can expect the Right to react as it’s been trained to act in such situations, like a cornered feral animal. It’s a moment where the mainstream media should consider whether it’s time to, once again, hand their pages and airtime over to the Barbizon School of Former Prosecutors Defense Lawyers and other such partisan hacks or whether they choose to cover things with a bit of dignity.

Captain Future:

If there are indictments, this could lead to an even greater scandal than Watergate. Even if the whole matter doesn’t go that far–all the way to the lies that led to war— this is still a dangerous period because it seems as if it might. We should recall the tales of President Nixon as the Watergate investigations closed in. The pressure got to him, and he became even more aggressive. Insiders apparently knew he was a heavy drinker, and allegedly while drunk, he had suggested the use of nuclear weapons.

Nixon was surrounded by dodgy characters, but there were some cooler heads among top officials who restrained him. At various times, historians assert, his secretaries of state and defense added safeguards to prevent military action being initiated on Nixon’s word alone.

But are there any such people in this administration?

Part of me is tempted to say the spin on this doesn’t matter much, unless cotton candy begins growing on trees and a Republican Congress decides to impeach a Republican president over Plamegate. Which may have been possible in the days before Republicans developed this alarming tendency to lose their heads like Beatles fans when confronted with a War Preznit, but right now is about as likely as ponies flying directly out of Novakula’s ass.

I’m tempted to say it won’t matter because no matter what TimmeH and the others say, the grand jury will indict who it’s going to indict, a prosecutor will try them, a jury will judge them. They’ll be convicted, or they won’t, and nothing I write here on this blog thing is going to change that.

I know a lot of people were disappointed more Democrats didn’t make louder noises about Plamegate. I for one am now relieved they didn’t, because this investigation doesn’t have the kind of partisan fingerprints that the Republicans pasted all over The Blowjob Diaries. Fitzgerald isn’t a Dem hack and it’s going to be very hard to paint him as such. I know it’s been floating around out there, but in this case I don’t think it’s going to stick. Scowcroft’s broadside, the Tora Bora guy’s book, Miers going down in flames, it’s all too much at once. They don’t have just one candidate to attack here, like they did during the election. They’re fighting a war on about 12 fronts not including the actual war itself, which isn’t going to get any better and may in fact get worse.

When message, our response to their response, will matter is in the 2006 elections. That’s when self-reinforcing narratives like Culture of Corruption, National Insecurity, Washington Republicans, Smirk the Wonder Chimp and other labels will really begin to stick. My personal vote is for something along the lines of Abuse of Power, but Culture of Corruption has that alliteration thing going for it, so whatever, really. So long as it ties the White House pursuit of Joseph Wilson to the OSP’s utter incompetence in executing the war planning to Brownie and FEMA fucking up the Katrina response and the generally savage treatment of any and all critics, even genuine American heroes like Wilson and Max Cleland.

Atrios and the above Kossite are predicting blowback of the media and geopolitical varieties respectively, but I look at this, I look at this neverending Bohemian Rat Fuck, this story where everybody can pull off a little piece and chew on it be it gossip about Judy screwing Scooter (ew), reflections on the war propaganda, legal ins and outs, Beltway philosophizing about the effect this will have on Bush’s agenda (of which I’ve seen no evidence, not since before Katrina) … There’s just too much for the wingers to handle all at once. It reminds me of all the various attacks getting thrown at Kerry in the campaign. There’s too many points they have to make in order to get their bullshit across; they have position papers but nobody wants to hear it. The perp walks tell the story and after that, people move on to the next segment of the nightly news and never hear the five-point winger plans. By the time they respond on one front, they’re getting attacked on another. It’s almost deja-vu. We’ve had so much of this and they’ve had almost none.

Poor babies.