Glenn Reynolds and the Gooey Kablooey

Via Gilliard: Glenn. Glenn Glenn Glenn Glenn Glenn.

ABORTION AND SPOUSAL NOTIFICATION: As several people point out, that’s going to be an issue with regard to Alito. I’m not sure what I think about this issue, but looking at the Pennsylvania statute I notice a lot of exceptions, one of which is this: “Her spouse is not the father of the child.”

I’m not sure about Pennsylvania, but in many states her spouse — even if he’s not the father of the child — would still be on the hook for child support. Likewise, if he didn’t want children, but she disagreed, lied to him about birth control, and got pregnant. And he certainly couldn’t force her to have an abortion if she did so, even if his desire not to have children was powerful, and explicitly expressed at the outset. (The usual response — “he made his choice when he had sex without a condom” — never comes up in discussions of women and abortion.)

So where’s the husband’s procreational autonomy? Did he give it up by getting married? And, if he did, is it unthinkable that when they get married women might give some of their autonomy up, too?

The problem here is that you can say “my body, my choice” — but when you say, “my body, my choice but our responsibility,” well, it loses some of its punch.

Let’s work backwards, because otherwise the stupid tends to overwhelm us.

On men’s procreational autonomy: I’m all for it. Go out and get yourselves knocked up, guys. The minute you can carry the kids, you’ll be able to get an abortion in a Kwik Trip. The reason this is an issue for women and not men, Glenn, and let me slow down so you get it all, is that we … are … the … ones … who … bear … the … children. God. I’m not saying you have to have a uterus to have an opinion on abortion, but the law does tend to consider the person physically affected by the situation rather than the blowhard who just wants to shoot his mouth off about it because he thinks it makes him sound virtuous and important. Until male pregnancy is a scientific fact instead of a fan fiction clich, this is going to be a woman’s issue and you’re just going to have to deal with us girls sharing your righteous spotlight.

Then there’s this:

(The usual response — “he made his choice when he had sex without a condom” — never comes up in discussions of women and abortion.)

Glenn, you splendid implement, abortion rights advocates aren’t the ones out there trying to take people’s condoms and pills away. That would be your friends, sweet thing. I personally want everybody to have condoms with them every time they have sex. If for no other reason than to prevent the inbreeding that obviously leads to thinking like this.

You know what I’d like? A law dictating that before a husband stuck his dick in his secretary, he had to notify his wife and ask permission. I’d like the state to mandate that before a guy told a woman he’d love her til death did them part and then dumped her while she was pregnant because the spark was just gone, he had to get her written okay. I’d like a law requiring the sick fuck who beats his wife to seek her permission before every blow. I’d like a law to force men who’ve forced women to bear 13 babies to just get it snipped at that point, because their wives are just downright exhausted.

You never see those laws, do you? God DAMN, Glenn, I wonder why? Maybe you could post about it for a while, instead of making veiled references to men being “on the hook” for supporting children?

In a post full of offensive bullshit that’s the part that revolts me the most. This whole idea of the tyranny of child support plays right into the conservative victim mentality, where if it wasn’t for the blacks, or the Jews, or the Ay-rabs, or the women, or the liberals, they’d just be king of the world. As if the only thing holding them back from their dreams is the woman who made them pay child support, the goddamn bitch. If not for her, why you’d be CEO of your own landscaping business instead of picking up roadkill, wouldn’t ya, Bubba? If somehow all minorities, women, liberals, all disappeared from the earth I just know you’d throw down the Cheetos, take your hand off your tiny little pecker and go right out and run for Congress!

I feel for white Christian men, really. Somebody’s always trying to keep them down.

As it is, there’s plenty to hate about Alito without even getting into abortion, so let’s not get too focused on that. Mostly because we shouldn’t give schmucks like Reynolds the satisfaction.