And other stuff that makes no sense, from your friendly neighborhood Freepi.

A sampling of quotes from tonight’s Corzine victory thread:

Another paid for political office by Corzine. The RAT oligopology is alive and well. You’ll be paying for it.

It isn’t a sad day. We have to make sure Forrester asks for a recount.

You know it. But Bob Grant says “NJ prides itself on voting for the most corrupt people” “They’re proud of it” I think he’s right. It’s difficult being a republican in this state.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I owe you guys more substantive commentary than this, I know. But honestly, that last bit? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Here’s what they’re saying about Kilgore, Patron Saint of Political Gangrene:

It’s only going to get worse since the President has no plans to come out and combat all the rumors… even Britt Hume was rolling his eyes tonight and they were alluding that everyone is just hiding out because they have nothing to say…. can we say profoundly disappointed?????

This does not look good for 06.The GOP needs to find the conservative agenda it came to power on in 94.This needs to be a lesson.

It’s kind of hard to get the base fired up if you run a lousy campaign, isn’t it?

But hey, Bloomberg won, so it’s all sunshine and roses in that thread, right?

he should be winning by alot more.

bloomberg isnt even a republican.

They’re so difficult to please.