White House Staff: Ethics Trainees

From Holden:

This would be funny if not for the seriousness of the matter. Ellen Ratner summarizes the morning gaggle:

Ethics Briefings:

They are taking place now. They are being done alphabetically and beginning with White House Staff with security clearances. Asked if Karl Rove is in today’s briefing, Scott said that it is being done alphabetically so it would not include Rove today. He said that these briefings are “refreshers”. He said there would be no press coverage of the briefings. They are about one hour long. There are 3000 total staffers that relate to the White House. He also said that when you get a security clearance you receive a detailed security briefing. The White House consul’s office conducts the briefings. He added that the President takes the handling of classified information very seriously. Scott avoided answering the question about changing ground rules on who the President would fire if there was a breach in the Plame case.