Chalabi at the State Department

From Holden:

I guess Ahmed is a freedom fighter again.

AP Photo/Yuri Gripas

“It was a good meeting. They had a wide-ranging discussion,” the spokesman said after the half-hour session in Rice’s office.

Chalabi said the meeting went “very well.” He brushed aside questions by reporters on whether he had given misleading information to the Bush administration before the war with Iraq.

“It’s more important to look to the future than to the past,” Chalabi said.

At the White House, spokesman Scott McClellan, announcing Chalabi also would be given a chance to see Vice President Dick Cheney and national security adviser Stephen Hadley, said “he’s seen as an elected leader of the Iraqi government and one of a number that we have met with in recent months.”

Chalabi the piss-boy did not last long.

“You can piss on Chalabi” President Bush remarked to Jordan’s King Abdullah some months ago.