Hearts and Minds, Kidneys and Livers

From Holden:

Nothing piles up the war crimes like a large scale military operation in an urban setting.

An Iraqi Red Crescent doctor said on Saturday more than 50 bodies had been found in the rubble of a town near the Syrian border which U.S.-led troops swept through this week in an anti-insurgent offensive.


The U.S. military says it has detained around 180 insurgents and killed at least 36 more in the operation, which was continuing in the nearby town of Karabila on Friday.

It said around 900 civilians who fled the town were given temporary housing nearby during the operation.

As residents started to trickle back to Qusayba in recent days, doctor Saif al-Ani, who works for the Red Crescent in the Qaim area, told Reuters they had unearthed at least 54 bodies in the rubble, including some women and children.

There was no immediate response from the U.S. military to questions about the casualties.