Let Us Atone For Our Screwup By Continuing It

Go read this and then come back.

In other words, the pro-war Right, amazingly, is now telling us: “what is happening in Iraq now is exactly what anti-war critics said would occur if we invaded and what we vehemently insisted would never happen, and as a result, you have to keep following our pro-war path because, given the utterly heinous mess we made in Iraq, we cannot possibly leave now.” [snip]

The new rationale the pro-war Right has concocted and which it is now assertively hawking for why we must remain in Iraq indefinitely can and should be used against them.


The reason this rationale is so infuriating is that it plays upon very sensible tendencies to want to fix what is broken and help those in need. That it’s based on an almost complete lack of facts about the situation at hand, that “we’re killing you to give you freedom” is the worst kind of imperial bullshit, that there’s no reason to believe the current crop of swindlers is capable of doing anything but continuing the truly epic string of fuckups that has been their unambiguous record from the first day onward, that’s harder to fit in the soundbite.

What we’re left with, I think, is just calling them liars, and asking why we should ever, ever, ever believe anything they say ever again.