NotJenna Shirks Her Civic Duty

From Holden:

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Twins Watch

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts write in The Washington Post that the First Twins were spotted “dining at Dino in Cleveland Park Saturday night.”

Just last week, the New York Post spotted Barbara Bush “snapping up a pair of Beja Boots for $300 at the Terra Plana shop on Elizabeth Street.”

But wait. According to a recent Associated Press story about their dad getting summoned for jury duty in Crawford, State District Judge Ralph Strother told reporters that “one of Bush’s twin daughters, Barbara, received a jury summons for his court a month ago. Someone called to reschedule her jury service, saying she would be out of the country for the next six months, the judge said.”

On the Friday after Thanksgiving she was sighted in Austin drinking and chain-smoking in a local bar.