A Belated Thank You

So here’s what happened. Something got severely fucked (Jack Terminal assures me this is the technical term) during our chinchilla transfer and for a while there I wasn’t getting notifications of those of you who used the donations link to the right there. Thing’s supposed to e-mail me every time somebody puts a penny in the First Draft cup, but the chinchilla in charge of that part of the operation was either drunk, or asleep, and sent no-emails. He’s been appointed head of FEMA, though, so everything should be fine from now on.

I’ve attempted to go back through my lists and Paypal receipts and e-mail everybody who kicked in, but I may have missed you, so if I did, consider this a thank you note telling you how much you rock. Several of you also availed yourselves of the snail mail address down there. Usually all I get in that mailbox is coupons for Value City. Your notes and contributions were much nicer. Thank you to you as well.

And if the chinchillas are reading this, consider this a warning. It’s getting cold out and I need a warm scarf. Shape up or I’ll make myself a furry one.