Shooting the Wounded

Because Atrios must never be allowed to say in 200 words what I can say in a thousand.

Look. The reason conservative blogs have been more “successful,” however Crowley’s defining that, is because they’re repeating already successful lines. I mean, c’mon. When’s the last time you saw ConservoBots like InstaDipshit go after Bush as hardcore as we go after Lieberman? When’s the last time you saw Assrocket take it to conservatives, in fact, when’s the last time Assrocket had an original thought? Conservative blogs appear to be espousing successful, effective ideas because they’re ideas a conservative admistration and Congress has already put out there. C’mon, it’s like everything in the RepublicanLand Theme Park and Vomit Comet: field-tested and top-down, about as spontaneous as sex with James Lilecks.

To put it more bluntly: I don’t remember any conservative blogs suggesting lines that later came out of Bush’s mouth. I do remember Kerry picking up memes from Kos and Dean snapping out ideas from his own blog’s rabble-rousers, who were my Internet first love and always will be.

Plus, if conservative blogs seem more “successful,” well, conservative politicians have been more successful in recent years. Their bloggers have had no need to bash their heads against walls coming up with new ideas, they’ve had no need to reach beyond the lines (“fight them here so we don’t have to fight them there”) that their leaders give them. So long as things are working for Republicans, Republican blogs just have to repeat the White House’s press releases, and they look like they’re perfectly in tune with the zeitgeist.

Now, after Fitzmas, after the Jersey and Va. elections, that was a good time to see how effective conservative blogs were. Venturing into a couple of them, however, I had the overwhelming impression of a bunch of kids who’d just whacked open a pinata, only instead of candy, it was filled with crap. Not that that’s different, really, from any other day reading Instapundit’s blog roll.