Some Investigations Are More Ongoing Than Others

From Holden:

October 24, 2005:

Q Thank you, Mr. President. You said several weeks ago that Special Counsel Peter Fitzgerald was handling the CIA leak investigation in a very dignified way. Yet some of your Republican supporters have recently suggested he may be an overzealous prosecutor, or one obsessing over legal technicalities. Have you revised you thinking on this issue?

THE PRESIDENT: Nedra, I also said — this may be the fourth time I’ve been asked about this, which I appreciate, you’re doing your job — I’m not going to comment about it. This is a very serious investigation, and I haven’t changed my mind about whether or not I’m going to comment on it publicly.

Fine-looking shades you got there.

December 14, 2005:

HUME: Do you home [sp.] and expect that Tom DeLay will return to be majority leader?

BUSH: Yes. At least, I don’t know whether I’m expecting it. I hope that he will.

HUME: Why?

BUSH: Well, I like him. When he’s over there, we get our votes through the House. We had a remarkable success of legislative victories. A remarkable string of legislative victories. We’ve cut the taxes and delivered strong economic growth and vitality. We’ve had an energy bill that began to put American on its way to independence.

HUME: You know a thing or two about Texas politics. What is your judgment of the prosecutor in the case, Ronnie Earle?

BUSH: I’m not going to go there, simply because I want — I want this trial to be conducted as fairly as possible. And the more politics that are in it, the less likely it’s going to be fair.

HUME: Do you just — do you believe he’s innocent?

BUSH: Do I? Yes, I do.