The Impeachment Topic


Lewis is the first major House figure to suggest impeaching Bush. “Its a very serious charge, but he violated the law,” said Lewis, a former civil rights leader. “The president should abide by the law. He deliberately, systematically violated the law. He is not King, he is president.”

The opinion that Lewis should chill:

Though it would obviously make me dance the dance of infinite glee, I fear that getting rid of Bush via impeachment would be a hollow victory. The better, smarter way to address the domestic spying scandal (well, it will be a scandal until a white woman is attacked by a shark and everyone forgets about it) and turn our country back around, is to use it to frame George W. Bush and his congressional allies as dangerous threats to the oft-invoked American Way of Life. Remember, 9/11 changed everything, and we’re goddamn serious about protecting the American Way of Life now. I know I am, because I have a magnet on my car.

So look. If it is at all possible, I agree with both of them.

We should call for Bush’s impeachment. He broke the law. He admitted he broke the law. I really don’t care that he thinks he has really good reasons for it, he broke the law. So we ought to have the debate. He does, after all, deserve a fair trial.

Doesn’t mean, impeached or not, we shouldn’t hang his criminality around the necks of these people and let it hang there until it rots and stinks so that all the neighbors move away.

I posted this in a Crack Den thread today in response to somebody talking about how we shouldn’t “jump” on this spying thing:

And if we let ourselves get suckered into a fight that we lose.

You know what? You’re absolutely right. Let’s not fight. After all, we might lose. We might lose Congress, or the White House, or the judiciary. We might lose our civil liberties, a war, 2,000 plus American soldiers, we might lose the hearts and minds of not only the Middle East but the entire fucking world. We might lose all that stuff, so let’s not fight.

Let’s lay back and wait for the right moment. Let’s position ourselves and wait, wait until our savior comes, the one true candidate who brings them all and in the darkness binds them. Let’s wait until he arrives, immune as he will be from any and all criticism, to press his magic button and say the words we’ve been waiting for for five fucking years and more: Lads, commence the rising.

Let’s do that, and let’s grow old doing that, sitting in our chairs, talking about how if ony the time was right, if only we had the materials to hand, if only the perfect leader woudl emerge. If only, if only, if only, while our hair turns gray and our bones break and we turn into dust. If only. Let’s wait. We might lose. If only. Let’s wait.

Revolutions don’t start when everything’s perfectly in place. They start when one man alone has had enough, and speaks up.