Your President Speaks! — Part Two

From Holden:

Just a few snips from today’s economic cheeleading session.

The man who opposes same-sex marriage promotes something really kinky.

We cut the taxes on the families by lowering the rates and by doubling the child credit, and by reducing the marriage penalty. I can’t imagine a tax code that penalizes marriage. It seems like to me we ought to be encouraging marriage to our tax code.

Doesn’t know his own age.

In my case, I turn 60 in 2008 — that’s a convenient date for me — (laughter) — 62 in 2008; 60 this year, unfortunately.

We got no brain.

Now, I want to thank the Speaker again, and the Senate — we got some legal reform done. We got a good class-action piece of legislation. We got good bankruptcy law.

I have no clue what he is saying here.

In other words, what’s interesting about the community college experience is that if you’re living in an area where there’s a need for health care workers, and you got a chancellor of the community college system that is any good, that person will devise a program with the local health care providers that will help train nurses, or whatever is needed. I mean the health care — the community college system is a fabulous job training opportunity for the American people. It’s a place to find — to match people’s desire to work with the jobs that actually exist.