Frack Me: Saturday Galactica Thread

As usual, discussion of last night’s episode, plot holes you could drive a bus through, and the hotness of the Starbuck, all inside.

Short takes out of the way first:

Starbuck! Flying right into the middle of the Cylon clone ship! And falling, so stupidly, so very Starbuck-ly, for Cain’s flattery and co-opting, exactly the way I would have at 19 or however the hell old she’s supposed to be. Yeah, Cain’s crazy. Yeah. But think like Starbuck for a minute. Adama lied to her about Earth and Roslin blew off her “go back to Caprica and rescue my sex toy, er, the resistance” suggestion, so here’s this woman who’s rewarding what Starbuck values most in herself: her demanding ballsiness and her ability to pull victory out of the stinking asshole of defeat. Rewarding it and encouraging all of Starbuck’s worst, most irresponsible and emotional urges. It’s seductive, and it’s terrible to watch, because I understand why she’s tempted.

I love, love, love the sweet and quiet friendship between Adam and Roslin. It’s going to kill me when she dies, because beyond my weird fascination with her character (the president who talks to God? Ordinarily would squick me) I just love that Adama has begun treating her as someone with whom he can lay down his burdens for a moment. Speaking of crushes, mine on him grows more ardent by the day.

MY ONLY PROBLEM WITH THE EP IS THE HUGE GAPING PLOT HOLE. Roslin, you can relieve Cain of command and put Adama in her place. Right? Bueller? She can do this, yes? Wouldn’t that be easier (despite the anarchy that would ensue on the way-too-wound-up Pegasus) than having Adama order Cain’s assassination? Or is the Colonial military/government relationship not directly analogous to the one we’re used to? I mean, it wouldn’t have provoked me to spit wine across the room the way her saying, “You’ve got to kill her” did, nor set up the usual BSG godawful tense showdown, but something about this bothers me.

Holy frack Admiral Cain shot people’s families and then left the other families to die. Holy frack should I not be surprised by anything this crazy bitch does anymore. But that was chilling. Absolutely horrifying.

That being said, I’ve been thinking more and more about what Jacob over at TWOP said with regard to the torture of Six and Baltar’s reaction as well as the ways in which the writers seem to want us to react to it, especially after watching “Pegasus” again yesterday.

And I’m going to argue this completely understanding that when we’re talking about Cylon torture, carrots and sticks, we all know what we’re really talking about. Because I oppose what was done to Six not because of what it did to Six, but because of what it did to her attackers. I don’t have all that much compassion for poor Six, to be honest. She and her kind murdered millions. She particularly, okay maybe not this model but this consciousness, snapped the neck of a baby in its crib. That she and the other Cylons did it in pursuit of some “plan” instead of for fun doesn’t make the people they killed any less dead.

But. There’s a but. There’s a sticking point. Roslin ordered Leoben executed and Adama keeps Boomer locked up but they do not frack with them for fun and they do not expect others to laugh while they inflict pain for no purpose. If we are all really Cylons, monsters and torturers who kill and maim, then what’s the point of the war, or of winning it? Because if we do this to Six, what will we do to each other when we run out of Cylons to rape and to beat and to chain up for days in a cell? It seems a crass argument to make, but I’m making it: that we must not torture our enemies because it harms us far more than it harms them. Because eventually they will die, and we will have to live with what we’ve done.

And we see the cost of living with that in the Pegasus crew, in Michelle Forbes’ twisted, strung-out Cain and her burnt-out XO, in the overamped frat boys making catcalls in front of Cally, in Captain Taylor, the rest of them. The Cylons didn’t make them monsters. They did that themselves.

And in a episode filled with chilling moments of every kind, that was perhaps the scariest realization.