My Day with the Republicans

From Tena:

As I’m sure every Democrat and Liberal knows by now, Tom Delay resigned his position as majority leader today. His letter to his fellow Republican House members reads in part:

Dear Colleague:

Today, I have asked Speaker Hastert to convene our conference for the purpose of electing a new majority leader, the position I have been honored to fill these past three years through the trust and confidence of our colleagues.

During my time in Congress, I have always acted in an ethical manner within the rules of our body and the laws of our land. I am fully confident time will bear this out.


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Yeah, yeah, whatever, Hot Tub; you acted in an ethical manner – whatever the hell that means. I rather like it that he’s not going to go down in tearful apologies, like his fellow traveler, Duke Cunningham. It just adds a bit of something to the sideshow.

So this afternoon I was hanging out at Eschaton, enjoying the news, when my doorbell rang. I went around the corner and saw a nice looking guy at the door, with a name tag: ___ ____, Republican. I started smiling before I opened the door. He introduced himself as a Dallas police officer, and said he was campaigning for the Republican running for Dallas County District Attorney. I was already chuckling, but I politely said: We’re Democrats.

He paused for just a second and then he said: I don’t suppose I could talk you into switching? And boys and girls, I have to tell you, that just cracked me up. I looked him in the eye and just howled with laughter and managed to say: Not on your life. He turned around to go, and I was just almost doubled over laughing. This finally annoyed him enough that he stopped and turned around and said very testily: Well, thanks, ok?

Oh no, sir, thank you. You just made my weekend. I laughed a goddamned Republican off my porch. And I could tell by the look in your eye that you got it, too – you knew I was laughing at you because of the contempt I felt for you. You knew it was because I know that your party is a disgrace and that I consider you a clown, a dupe for liars, murderers, traitors and thieves. At least, that’s what it felt like for me, and it felt really good.