Distilling Delay

From Scout:

In reading of the many twists, turns, and complicated dealings involved in the Abramoff/Delay/Republican Culture of Corruption story I’ve wondered will the press and media be able to present this as an understandable yet compelling narrative to Americans? Will Americans be interested and able to follow it so that they really get what has happened? Then I read this from the Washington Post on the Delay machine…….

It worked simply. On one side of the machine, a hose vacuumed the pockets of large corporations, wealthy individuals and legions of lobbyists on K Street, all instructed by DeLay to contribute only to Republicans. Out the other side, at some later date, came legislation of interest to many of the donors. Inside the machine, twisting its knobs and pulling its levers, was DeLay — who was unabashed about his pay-to-play philosophy and relentless in enforcing his political rules.


That’s a start towards alleviating some of my concerns.