The Growth Gap–From Bush’s Mouth to Reality

From Scout:

From Bush’s Mouth Friday …..

In order to make sure this economy grows, we’ve got to have a reasonable health care system. I view the role of the federal government is to help the elderly. And we got good Medicare reforms done. And I believe the role of the federal government is to help the poor. And that’s why we’ve got Medicaid.

Today’s Reality…..

At least four states – Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Vermont – acted this week to make sure poor people received the drugs they were promised but could not obtain through the federal Medicare program.

Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont, a Republican, said the state would pay drug claims for low-income people until the federal government fixed problems in the new program, known as Part D of Medicare. Michael K. Smith, the state’s secretary of human services, said, “The federal system simply is not working.”

On Thursday, the Vermont Legislature passed a bill declaring, “There is a public health emergency due to the federal implementation of Medicare Part D, which has resulted in serious operational problems, causing Vermonters to be turned away at the pharmacy without the drugs they need.”


In Maine, Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, agreed to pay drug claims to provide medications for those in need. Since Tuesday, the state has incurred $2 million of expenses for Medicare beneficiaries.

On Friday, Gov. John Hoeven of North Dakota, a Republican, said he had to act because “some low-income elderly and disabled individuals can’t get their prescriptions filled through their Medicare drug plans.”

In New Hampshire, Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, signed an executive order authorizing the state to pay drug claims that he said should have been covered by Medicare. Republican leaders of the state legislature called a special session to provide the money. The start of the Medicare drug program “has been a nightmare for many of our citizens,” Governor Lynch said.

So it’s nightmares ‘good reforms’ in Maine and North Dakota and New Hampshire and Vermont then the article goes on to chronicle the same nightmares ‘good reforms’ from California to Alabama to Oregon to Massachusetts to Texas

to Oklahoma…….. Yeeehaaaah

Will this play a 100 times a day on cabloid news?

The story isn’t a growing economy…’s the growing gap between what comes from Bush’s mouth and the reality of what is occuring in Americans’ lives.