And the Beat Goes On

From Holden:


An Army helicopter crashed in northern Iraq shortly before midnight Saturday, killing all 12 passengers and crew, military authorities here reported Sunday.

A U.S. military spokesman would not confirm whether all of those killed in the crash were U.S. service members, but said they were all Americans. The cause of the crash was still being investigated, he said.

Five Marines also died in several attacks in central Iraq, the military reported. Three Marines were killed by gunfire Sunday morning in separate attacks in the city of Fallujah, about 35 miles west of Baghdad. Two others were killed by roadside bombs Saturday in the towns of Karmah and Ferris, the military reported.

What’s that, like 30 American deaths in the past week?

Let’s put that fire out with some gasoline.

U.S. troops, some in helicopters, launched a pre-dawn raid on Sunday on the headquarters of the influential Sunni Arab Muslim Clerics’ Association and detained six people in what they said was an anti-terrorist operation.