And Every Day is Someone’s Unbirthday

From Tena:
You really have to love this , Josh, says, and I do. I have learned to appreciate the fact that there is no depth to which the Republicans won’t sink. And I’m fascinated by their ability to turn the law inside out. This is a great example of it:

Good stuff! Holding Republicans to account violates their rights.

You have to love this. Three and a half years ago members of the New Hampshire state Republican party, the Republican National Committee and others entered into a criminal conspiracy to disrupt Democratic get-out-the-vote activities on election day.

That’s not just me using that language. Two of conspirators pled guilty. Another, a then-employee of the Republican National Committee, was just convicted on two counts stemming from the scheme. For almost two years now, the state Democratic party has been pursuing a suit against the state party seeking redress and, mainly, to find out what really happened since at the beginning the Justice Department wasn’t seriously pursuing the case.

Now, in recently filed court papers, the Republican State Committee’s attorney, Ovide Lamontagne, is claiming that the Dems’ suit is “in attempt to use the court system to interfere with the (GOP’s) constitutionally protected election activities.” There’s a certain amount of sense to this, I suppose, since the Republican party, in its current incarnation, does seem to rely heavily on law-breaking as an electoral tool. Still, I’ve never heard it alleged that such criminality is constitutionally protected.

This kind of thinking is very familiar to me. Every con I ever represented on appeal did this. I don’t understand what it is about black letter law that convicted felons and Republicans don’t get. But no matter what, they’ll try to tell you it doesn’t mean what everyone else thinks it means.