Kate, Kate, Kate….

From Scout:

Kate O’Beirne was on Hardball last night to pimp her crappy book with an even crappier title……

“Women Who Make the World Worse: How Their Radical Feminist Assault is Ruining our Schools, Families, Military and Sports.”

NORA O’DONNELL: Thank you, Kate. So who are these women who make the world worse?

Give me the roster?

KATE O’BEIRNE, NATIONAL REVIEW: I do name names. I find you have to name names because my feminist friends deny that they stand for certain things.

Ok stop right there. Kate has feminist friends? LOL! Shouldn’t she save herself from such friends as this….

O’BEIRNE: They’re the kind of women who claim that they don’t, and haven’t, denigrated marriage and motherhood. Yes, they do.

They’re the kind of woman who claim they’re not hostile to men.

They’re hostile to men and little boys because they’re men in the offing.

They’re the kind of woman we don’t pay enough attention to. Too many people think feminism is a spent force. That’s so 1970’s. They don’t realize how influential the feminist agenda is.


They’re the kind of women who have hyped the phony gender gap in politics to intimidate politicians into thinking that they represent American women. We’re going to see that on display with the women’s groups opposing Sam Alito.

O’DONNELL: But there is a gender gap. There is a gender gap that exists, that there are more women who vote for Democrats. This president tried to court the so call security moms. There is a gender gap. Men and women vote differently.

O’BEIRNE: The way the women’s groups hype it, which intimidates politicians, is by pretending it is owing to a monolithic vote on the part of women. You recognize because you cover politics. That is simply not the case.

OK let me get this straight. Feminists are a force to be reckoned with as they have such an influential and dangerous agenda which is ruining women yet given all this influence and ruination, women are immune to it and do not let it influence their vote. (By extention male politicos that court the phantom woman vote must be ignoramuses who can’t read polling reports) Good thing Kate wrote a book on ahhh….nothing.

O’DONNELL: Don’t you think feminists, to some degree, have at least brought attention to issues like inequity in health care. That there isn’t amount the same amount of research on women as men. That they’ve brought attention to the issue that women are still paid less than men.

O’BEIRNE: Norah, Norah, Norah.

O’DONNELL: Kate, Kate, Kate.

O’BEIRNE: You are so bright. This is why my chapter on the phony pay gap is so important. They get a lot of mileage out of the fact, the claim, that women work for 76 cents on the dollar. Think about that for a minute. If a woman with the same education level, skills, and experience would work for 76 cents to a man’s dollar, who would ever hire a man?

Sheesh, Sheesh, Sheesh.

Kate do tell it to the 1.6 million Female employees of the country’s largest employer Wal-Mart.