In which I am thoroughly unamused.

From Tena:

Judge: Baby on board is no excuse

Pregnant woman claimed she was driving for two

PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) — Fetuses do not count as passengers when it comes to determining who may drive in the carpool lane, a judge has ruled.

Candace Dickinson was fined $367 for improper use of a carpool lane, but contended her unborn child qualified to use the lane. Motorists who use the lanes normally must carry at least one passenger during weekday rush hours.

Municipal Judge Dennis Freeman rejected Dickinson’s argument Tuesday, applying a “common sense” definition in which an individual is someone who occupies a “separate and distinct” space in a vehicle.

“The law is meant to fill empty space in a vehicle,” the judge said.

Sgt. Dave Norton stopped Dickinson’s car November 8. When asked how many people were in the car, Dickinson said two, pointing to “her obvious pregnancy,” the officer said.

Norton said Dickinson’s theory “would require officers to carry guns, radios and pregnancy testers, and I don’t think we want to go there.”

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I’m sure you don’t want to go there, Judge, but you are going to be forced to the way things are going. When women’s reproductive organs belong to the state, your policemen will be carrying around pregnancy tests. And it looks as though an unforgivably silly woman who ran out of a Senate hearing in tears because her husband was facing some reasonable but hard hitting questions because he’s being considered for a lifetime appointment to a branch of the United States’ government just about sealed that deal today.

This is the present state of things in this country – this story from Phoenix, and Mrs. Samuel Alito running out of the Senate hearing today in tears. This isn’t a country anymore, it’s Clown College. Goddamn – one would think the wife of a Supreme Court nominee would have more maturity and more dignity than that. Mrs. Alito thinks she has a headache? Fuck you, bitch – you just gave the Constitution a goddamned aneurysm.