Just pass those strychnine-laced cookies this way, will you?

From Tena:
<blockquote)Bush acknowledged differences over Iraq. "Whether you agree with me or not, we're doing the right thing," Bush said, adding that terrorists or insurgents fighting democratic reform in Iraq are "not going to shake my will."

A 7-year-old boy’s question — “How can people help on the war on terror?” — gave Bush an opening to score some political points against his critics and try to keep Democrats from using Iraq as an issue in this year’s midterm elections.

“It’s one thing to have a philosophical difference — and I can understand people being abhorrent about war. War is terrible,” Bush said. “But one way people can help as we’re coming down the pike in the 2006 elections is remember the effect that rhetoric can have on our troops in harm’s way, and the effect that rhetoric can have in emboldening or weakening an enemy.” [emphasis mine]

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What in the name of God is he trying to say? Anyone? God it’s just so humiliating to think that this is our president.