Scottie Lied Again

From Holden:

Yesterday Little Scottie characterized Chimpy’s little town hall meeting in Kentucky as a free exchange of ideas.

Q Are those questions pre-screened, or —

MR. McCLELLAN: No, they can ask whatever — the people at this event can ask whatever they want.

But if your read the transcript it becomes obvious that the people posing the questions to Bush were screened. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing not one of the eight people who asked questions challenged Bush or criticized him in any way.

And if the questions themselves were not “screened” as Scottie says it’s fairly obvious that they were provided with the topics before hand.

Question One: when are you going to go after those nasty leakers who told America you were spying on them?

Question Two: How can we change Muslims’ beliefs?

Question Two included some presidential knob-slobbing.

Mr. President, we hear a common expert opinion all the time that the terrorists are going to attack us — it’s not a question of whether, it’s a question of when. And, yes, that might happen. But the facts are that since 9/11 we haven’t had any, so thank you.

Question Three dealt with immigration. Funny how that happens to be an issue in which Chimpy has taken an interest lately.

Questions Four and Five dealt with education, another one of the Chimpster’s favorite topics.

Question Six? Health care. Yep, he likes that topic as well.

And the person who asked Question Six just couldn’t resist a little suck-up.

And we all view you as a very pragmatic problem solver…

Question Seven came from the seven-year-old who asked, “How can people help on the war on terror?” Surprisingly, Chimpy did not answer, but instead questioned the patriotism of those who don’t agree with him.

And Question Eight? “How can we get the positive things that are happening in Iraq — how can we get everybody to know what’s happening out there?”

There you have it, America, your unscreened, unrehearsed questions for Dear Leader.