Your President Speaks! — AGAIN

From Holden:

The hits just keep on coming. Today Chimpy entertained a few questions after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Bush the Court-esean

I think the best way for the court system to proceed is through our military tribunals, which is now being adjudicated in our courts of law to determine whether or not this is appropriate path for a country that bases itself on rule of law, to adjudicate those held at Guantanamo. The answer to your question is that Guantanamo is a necessary part of protecting the American people, and so long as the war on terror goes on, and so long as there’s a threat, we will, inevitably need to hold people that would do ourselves harm in a system that — in which people will be treated humanely, and in which, ultimately, there is going to be a end, which is a legal system. We’re waiting for our own courts to determine how that’s best to proceed.

A Whole Lotta Diplomaticizing Goin’ On

[T]he Chinese, you know, have got an opinion, the Russians have an opinion, we have opinions, everybody has opinions. Our job is to form a common consensus. And so you’re — this is what’s called diplomacy. I know you know that, Steve. I don’t mean to insult you. But diplomacy is out talking to friends, allies, and others about a common objective. This meeting has got a lot of diplomacy in it today, because this is a subject in which we’ve spent a lot of time.

A Moron and/or A Dolt

And so, of course, we’ll reach out to the Chinese and remind them, once again, that it’s not in their interest or the world’s interest for the Iranians to develop the capacity to — and/or a nuclear — to build a weapon and/or to possess a weapon.

What Happened to the Mandate?

We’ve got something in common, we both didn’t exactly landslide our way into office.

She Done Did It

There’s something uplifting to talk to somebody who knows the difference between just talking about tyranny and living in freedom and actually done it.