A Few Words from the Xanax and Vodka Corner

From Holden:

Image courtesy of Alvarez Wax Models.

Laura opens her pie hole.

“I think the American people expect the United States government and the president to do what they can to make sure there’s not an attack by foreign terrorists,” Mrs. Bush said just before landing here to begin a four-day stay in West Africa.

President Bush is concerned that media disclosure of the program will cripple work to foil terrorists, she said. “I think he was worried that it would undermine our efforts by alerting terrorists to what our efforts are,” Mrs. Bush said.


In a 12-minute exchange with reporters on the plane, Mrs. Bush rebuffed criticism that too much of U.S. assistance for battling AIDS in Africa is focused on abstinence programs. She said abstinence, the use of condoms and being faithful to one’s sexual partner are all important in curbing the spread of disease.

“I’m always a little bit irritated when I hear the criticism of abstinence, because abstinence is absolutely 100 percent effective in eradicating a sexually transmitted disease,” she said.