Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Today Chimpy was in Loudoun County, Virginia today. Ostensibly to talk up the economy, but he was really all over the map.

Distinct Extinction

So the death tax was put on its way to extinction. I said, put on its way to distinction, the problem is the way the law was written, it’s coming back to life in 2011, which is going to make some interesting estate issues, particularly in 2010.

Tax Raise Bad

Failure to make tax relief permanent is a tax raise on the working people and the small businesses in this country.

Drain Bammage

If you’re a restaurant owner in here Loudoun County and a restaurant owner in Crawford — I think there are a couple of restaurants here. If not, there will be. No, there is a good one, The Coffee Shop — I mean, Coffee Station, excuse me.


These good docs who have got the great compassionate job of taking care of youngin’s, they’re getting run out of business because of frivolous and junk lawsuits.

In Case You Wondered Why The Uninsured Is Going Up

One of the reasons why the uninsured is going up because the cost is going up.

You’re Not the Decider of Me

Some will say the way to address the cost is to have the federal government be the decider, the decider for the consumer, and the decider for the provider, and that will be — in my judgment — terrible for this country

President Show-off

I’m proud to tell you that my friends that I knew before I became in public office are still my friends. One of the coolest things to do in my presidential work, one of the — (laughter) — seeing if you’re paying attention up there — (laughter) — things I like to do is to welcome my buddies, and Laura feels the same way, people we grew up with — we both grew up in Midland, Texas. I remember having some of my friends that I went to 1st grade with, a guy I grew up across the street with, Michael Proctor, they came up to have dinner at the White House. You know, and they kind of walk in there. You can imagine what it’s like. It’s a great honor, pretty awe-inspiring deal. They walk in there and, kind of, “What are you doing here, Bush?” You know? (Laughter.)

Pay No Attention to the Bubble You See

My job is decision-maker. I make a lot of decisions…. I think the worst thing that can happen for decision-makers is to get a filtered point of view.

You Mean Not Everyone is the Son of a President?

See, one of the problems we’ve had that shows — what we found out in New Orleans there’s not — there wasn’t a lot of — we take — some things we take for granted like the generations passing assets from one generation to the next just didn’t happen in the African American community, and should.

But He’ll Have to Settle for Worst President Ever

And so I want to be known as an ownership guy.

But Not the Grammar

All I care about is the results.

And then the audience, obviously screened, got to ask their hard-hitting questions.

Question 1

Q (Inaudible.) And we’re proud of you Mr. President, and your —

THE PRESIDENT: Keep it up, will you? (Laughter.) About time.

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Laughter and applause.) It’s always good to have a plant in every audience, you know? (Laughter.)

Question 2

And my question to you is how do you remain upbeat when you’re surrounded by the burdens of leadership?

Question 3

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, well —

Q — who happens to be one of the best First Ladies we’ve had. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. I thought you might say “top two,” but you know — (laughter.)

Q Well, the top two.

THE PRESIDENT: If not, I won’t tell her. (Laughter.)

Q I was just wondering, when we’ll see our lovely First Lady run for the Senate in the —

THE PRESIDENT: Never. (Laughter.)

Q Come on. Ask her, will you?

Question 4

Q Mr. President, my wife, Sandy, and I send our prayers and our appreciation for all that you’re doing and these difficult issues that you’re dealing with.