More NOLA Homeless

From Scout:

Police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel (about 700 total) may be homeless when the cruise ship Ecstasy on which they have been living leaves New Orleans after Mardi Gras…

Hundreds of New Orleans police officers — possibly as many as 500 — will be without a home when they finish their shifts on Mardi Gras if FEMA continues to have problems either supplying trailers or ensuring those trailers have power and other necessities, the director of the New Orleans Police Foundation said Friday night.

The cruise ship Ecstasy, where the officers are residing, is scheduled to leave New Orleans sometime after midnight on Feb. 28 because of prior contractual obligations, said Robert Stellingworth, president of the nonprofit police group. He estimated there are between 300 and 500 police officers on the Ecstasy who are still unable to get FEMA trailers. And many who have managed to get the trailers are still struggling to get electricity, hot-water heaters, keys or other necessities to occupy them, he said.


When firefighters and emergency medical personnel on the cruise ship are counted, there may be “between 400 and 700 people” in this situation, Stellingworth said. He said the fire department is also working to line up their people with trailers and other living sites.

I know where there are over 10,000 FEMA trailers just sitting ready to be used.