Cheney’s Victim Had a Heart Attack

From Scout:

So getting peppered by a pellet gun is no big deal….not like getting SHOT in the FACE by a SHOTGUN at least if you listen to what wingnuts and the Bush administration says.

But the 78 year old man SHOT in the FACE by Cheney’s SHOTGUN has a had a heart attack according to hospital officials now on CNN.

But hey it was no big deal. Move on now.

UPDATE: Oh it was just a minor “silent” heart attack, non traditional and Assymptomatic apparently due to a pellet in his heart…see no big deal. MOVE ON damn it

Story now posted at CNN.

UPDATE: The heart attack occured about 6:30 this morning. Scottie made no mention of it in his press conference. But maybe he didn’t get the message after all I hear you have to pull the string really tight or it gets messed up (I thought they said Fart Attack so I was joking around)

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