Shot Full Of Holes

From Holden:

Dick Cheney’s interview with Brittney Hume yesterday contradicts the account given by “witness”/rich Republican lobbyist Katharine Armstrong. I assume that the local prosecutor’s office will open an investigation as promised.

The local prosecutor’s office has not been contacted and would only get involved if there were an indication of criminal wrongdoing or the facts were in dispute, said District Attorney Carlos Valdez.

Katharine Armstrong: Not a Witness

Rich Republican lobbyist Katharine Armstrong is the only witness cited in the official Texas Parks & Wildlife Department report on the shooting. But then, the TPWD has already been proven wrong in one aspect of this incident, as the Department’s spokesman originally claimed:

Cheney was legally hunting with a license he purchased in November, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department spokesman Steve Lightfoot said.

Yet Cheney was not “legally hunting”, he was cited by TPWD itself for failing to purchase an upland bird stamp (TPWD Code 43.652).

Was Armstrong a witness to the shooting? Cheney repeatedly stated that she was.

And Katherine suggested, and I agreed, that she would go make the announcement, that is that she’d put the story out. And I thought that made good sense for several reasons. First of all, she was an eye-witness. She’d seen the whole thing.