Cut And Run

From Holden:

Britain and Japan will begin to pull their forces out of Iraq next month.

Japan will start withdrawing its troops from Iraq in late March, around the same time Britain will begin its pullout, the Yomiuri Shimbun said Friday.

The government`s withdrawal plan includes moving the 600 troops to Kuwait by May as a first step, and recalling them to Japan by July, after cleaning their equipment and vehicles to pass quarantine inspections in Japan.


Britain is set to start pulling out its troops in March and complete the withdrawal by the end of May.

Japan, Australia, Britain and the United States will hold a working-level meeting in London at the end of next week to discuss detailed withdrawal plans.

Meanwhile, insurgent attacks in Iraq are up 30%.

The US military has warned that rebel attacks across Iraq have increased 30 percent over the past few weeks, the statement coming as attacks across the country Thursday wounded 30 people and killed at least eleven.


[US Major-General Rick Lynch] attributed the spike to the increased role of Iraqi security forces, as well as the interim period between the December 15 elections and the formation of a new government, which is still pending.

“We have seen over the last several weeks about a 15 percent increase in civilian casualties, and we`ve seen about a 30 percent increase in attacks against security forces,” he told reporters.