FEMA…… Not At It Again

From Scout:

The housing situation for New Orleans police, firefighters and EMS workers who have been living aboard a cruise ship ( see previous post) that leaves the port on March 1 remains uncertain though FEMA had promised to find housing. Evidently the police don’t trust FEMA will fulfill its commitment.

“FEMA said some things that haven’t come about,” said Riley. “I don’t really want to point fingers, but we’re at crunch time right now, so we need to know what they say is really going to happen.”


Bob Stellingworth of the Police Foundation said some of the assurances given by FEMA have not come about. He said travel trailers that were promised would not all be ready. He said FEMA has assured them that alternative housing will be available, but he said his organization is concerned.


Henri Wolbrette of the Police Foundation said that FEMA’s claims that 150 officers still hadn’t contacted the organization about housing wasn’t true. Wolbrette said that 90 percent of those officers had filled out the forms and that FEMA had misplaced them.

FEMA spokesperson Buffy Gilfoil said that every effort is being made to take care of the officers and firefighters.

Hard to imagine why they would doubt FEMA’s ability to deliver huh.