Poll on Katrina

From Scout:

An AP poll finds that confidence in the government handling of Katrina is lower now than it was in the days after the hurricane struck.

47%, said they were very or somewhat confident in the government’s preparedness — down from 56% in the days after the storm and 54% in mid-September.

And just one in three Americans is confident the money set aside for Katrina recovery efforts, an expected $100 billion, is being spent wisely, down from half in mid-September, the poll found.

Appears there is now a bi-partisan lack of confidence….

In mid-September, 60% of Republicans said they believed that money was being spent wisely. That figure has now dropped to just 37%.For Democrats, the figure has dropped from 47% five months ago to 30% today.

The poll found racial differences……

Minorities were also nearly twice as likely as whites — 42% to 22% — to say the government should be spending more on the recovery. Minorities were also less likely to express confidence in how the government would handle a future disaster.

And 77% of minorities polled said Katrina recovery should be a higher priority for government spending than the war in Iraq, compared with just 58 percent among whites.

And on American’s priorities….

In all, Americans said by a 2-to-1 margin that the Gulf Coast rebuilding effort should be a higher priority than the Iraq war.